Land Slot Machines

Slot machines do vary depending on when, what, and where you are playing. Online casinos are different from land-based slots casinos where the rules are more restrained. When playing a land based slot it is initially all about selecting a machine that happens to catch your eye. This could be because you like the way the machine looks or maybe you like the way it sounds as you walk past…whatever the reason you will then have choices about playing progressive slots or standard slots. The main difference is the amount of the jackpot and from there the odds of winning. Progressive slots usually have higher jackpots but keep in mind that the chances of winning are usually lower because these progressive jackpots are networked together between other participating jackpots too. Once the progressive jackpot is won it will reset and then begin to grow again.

Land Slot Machines Rules & Etiquette

What you will find when it comes to playing land based slot machines is many players that don’t take lightly to other players invading their own personal space or hindering one of their many superstitions about the machine that they are playing. Players are more than serious about the machines as if they almost have a human like personality. Players watch for certain things, especially you winning at a machine that they just walked away from after sinking a good knot of cash into it.

Cleopatra Based Land Slot Machines

Just about any land based casino is going to have different versions of Cleopatra slots and if you are a real Cleopatra fan you can play multiple Cleopatra slots at one time. It might sound difficult but it is really no more difficult than monitoring four different reels. Cleopatra land slot machines have been a staple at casinos for a long time. Each casino can have a different kind of Cleopatra slot machine but you should know that these are among the most popular. Cleopatra slots come with different pay lines and different minimum and maximum wager amounts.

Online Slot Advantages

Players that favor the online slot version have a lot more choices than land based slot players do. Online slots that offer Cleopatra’s slots can play with as little as a penny or as much as $10 depending on where you play. Let’s face it…times are tough and for most it is impossible to get away for a gambler’s weekend jaunt. Because of this the land based casinos are suffering but the other reason for the slump is because of the online gaming industry which is simply exploding. If you evaluate slot games at land-cased casinos to the online slot games available today, there is basically no comparison!