Progressive Cleopatra Slots

Cleopatra’s beauty turns out to be legendary enough to be presented through various themes, fit for numerous slot games. Some of the titles expand the limits of their comforts to the point that they are offering progressive jackpot awards. These particular Cleopatra-themed slots are usually in possession of a maximum number of 20 paylines (sometimes 10) and have 5 reels. Their visual design is also spectacular although admittedly, Cleopatra-affiliated slots all look superb, regardless if they offer a progressive jackpot prize or not. The reels are usually presented in the form of a building with an ancient column on the left and the right side and a background that depicts the visual splendor of Cleopatra’s mighty kingdom: it could be a giant city vista, the interior of a golden tomb or just the clear blue sky.


These slots do have a wild and a scatter and for understandable reasons, the wild always happens to be the Egyptian queen herself. She has the ability to replace the rest of the symbols in the game in order to complete potential winning combinations. As far as the scatter symbols are concerned, they are usually depicted by a gigantic traditional structure, such as a Pyramid or a Sphinx. In some cases, the wild claims the scatter’s responsibilities, which usually include the activation of the free spins round. You can be quite sure that the regular card letters and numbers will make an appearance at the bottom of the paytable. In most cases, the scatters offer their own payouts and winning combinations. Furthermore, they deliver multiplier awards; the more scatter symbols appear on the reels, the bigger the multiplier amount will be.


The Gamble feature, which allows players to double an acquired earning also makes an appearance throughout many of the Cleopatra progressive slots. Some of the games don’t offer bonus features apart from the presence of a wild and a scatter. Other games not only deliver a free spins bonus round but also offer a special expanding symbol that greatly assists in the formation of new winning combinations. The manner of acquiring the progressive jackpot awards varies. One game might require the player to collect special Jackpot symbols on a specific payline. Another one might award the Jackpot in a completely random way, regardless of wager amounts or winning combinations; in this case the Jackpot Prize reaches a certain amount and is then paid to a gambler, who is playing at that very moment. Some other games might offer multiple jackpot prizes at the same time. Ultimately, the manner is irrelevant and the chance of getting the progressive jackpot prize is relatively the same with all games; what matters is the fact that it will definitely be acquired by someone.

Even if the jackpot prizes were omitted from the games, players would still have a blast with the Cleopatra-themed progressive slots but thanks to the presence of the titanic awards, these games are truly elevated to a league of their own.