5-Reel Cleopatra Slots

Cleopatra is a theme, present with all types of slot games and quite possibly the one that has the most representatives is the 5-reel one. The number of paylines vary considerably, even though the most common number is 20. There are also games that have as few as 10 paylines, a couple of others that feature 25 and a few others with 40 and even 50. The visual design of all the 5-Reel Cleopatra-connected slots is largely focused on Ancient Egyptian architecture: sometimes the background of the reels depicts interior locations, showing rooms and tombs and sometimes it depicts full-scale buildings, with writings carved in the stone, with a column on each side of the reels or city vistas, involving the familiar desert landscape with many, well-known trademark structures. Many of the Cleopatra-themed 5-Reel games offer progressive jackpot prizes. They can be won either randomly or through a special combination of symbols.


All the games feature a wild and a scatter. The wild is capable of replacing the rest of the symbols in the game and is almost always represented by Cleopatra herself in one form or another. The scatter is almost always affiliated with the activation of the free spins round. The scatter is always something big in terms of size or importance: sphinxes, pharaohs, pyramids, a typical Egyptian black cat, etc. The 5-Reel Cleopatra symbols often include symbolic objects from Ancient Egypt such as the Eye of Horus, a pharaoh’s scepter, the Egyptian scarab, the Pharaoh Hound and others. Sometimes these can be seen decorating necklaces and in some other cases, they can be statues, made of gold or silver. In almost all of the 5-Reel slots, involving the theme of the gorgeous queen, the paytable contains the usual card letters and numbers starting with the Ace and ending the Queen, the 10 or the 9.


There are countless bonus features available throughout these slot games. The wild or the scatter sometimes deliver multiplier prizes. The free spins bonus round is the most common bonus feature. Some bonus games deliver direct cash prizes while others provide free spins and transform selected symbols into wilds. Progressive Jackpots can be won through the bonus features too. The Cleopatra-themed 5-Reel Slots can also offer some very intricate and engrossing features, involving maps, multiple options as well as different awards, the exact delivery of which will depend on the player’s choices during the bonus round. The Double Up feature also makes an appearance quite frequently with Cleopatra-connected games.

Offering eye-candy looks in the face of the gorgeous queen and the spectacular landscapes of Ancient Egypt, the 5-Reel Slots with the theme of Cleopatra are a thoroughly enjoyable and essential bunch of slot games, which any passionate gambler needs to experience.